Citation analysis as a tool in journal evaluation.

  title={Citation analysis as a tool in journal evaluation.},
  author={Eugene Garfield},
  volume={178 4060},
  • E. Garfield
  • Published 3 November 1972
  • Computer Science
  • Science
As a communications system, the network of journals that play a paramount role in the exchange of scientific and technical information is little understood. Periodically since 1927, when Gross and Gross published their study (1) of references in 1 year’s issues of the Journal of the American Chemical Socie/y, pieces of the network have been illuminated by the work of Bradford (2), Allen (3), Gross and Woodford (4), Hooker (5), Henkle (6), Fussier (7), Brown (8), and others (9). Nevertheless… 
The Scientometrics Guidebooks Series aimed at as a compendium of papers from the authors' journal serving interested researchers to access a doubly quality filtered literature on the topic has been created and has been ordered along the following chapters.
The SCI Journal Citation Reports: A potential tool for studying journals?
The box plot method was proposed to aggregate the values of each indicator so as to obtain portrayals of the JCR population from 1974 to 1993, which reflected the distribution of the journals into 4 groups designated low, central, high and extreme.
Generalized h-index for Disclosing Latent Facts in Citation Networks
Several inefficiencies of the h-index are demonstrated and a pair of generalizations and effective variants of it are developed to deal with scientist ranking and with publication forum ranking.
The impact factor ranking—a challenge for scientists and publishers
Although the IF is suitable for judging the overall importance of journals, IF rankings should be made solely within the respective subspecialty categorizations to avoid overrepresentation of larger research areas.
Generalized Hirsch h-index for disclosing latent facts in citation networks
The effectiveness and the benefits of the new indices are exhibited to unfold the full potential of the h-index, with extensive experimental results obtained from the DBLP, a widely known on-line digital library.
A Reproducible Journal Classification and Global Map of Science Based on Aggregated Journal-Journal Citation Relations
This study examines the options for developing an unambiguous classification of the journals into subject categories on the basis of aggregated journal-journal citation data and develops a tree-like classification which can be reproduced unambiguously.
Citation Patterns in the Journals of Statistics and Probability
This is a study of the use of citation data to investigate the role statistics journals play in communication within that field and be- tween statistics and other fields. The study looks at citations
The visibility of Italian journals
The journal that appeared to perform best was theJournal of High Energy Physics, an electronic publication whose success seemingly confirms Internet circulation as an effective means to enhance the visibility and consequently the quality, in term of citations, of a journal.
Journal maps on the basis of Scopus data: A comparison with the Journal Citation Reports of the ISI
Using the Scopus dataset (1996–2007) a grand matrix of aggregated journal-journal citations was constructed. This matrix can be compared in terms of the network structures with the matrix contained


Citation Indexing and Evaluation of Scientific Papers
An increased awareness of the usefulness of citation indexing as a tool for retrieval and evaluation will make this aspect of refereeing more important, and what now passes for minor carelessness or discourtesy could easily come to be regarded as serious malpractice.
Professional Standing and the Reception of Scientific Discoveries
  • S. Cole
  • Education
    American Journal of Sociology
  • 1970
The Matthew Effect occurs when scientists receive differential recognition for a particular scientific contribution depending on their location in the stratification system. Merton originally
Communication Nets in Science: Status and Citation Patterns in Animal Physiology
This study is designed to investigate the operation of two social communication systems: the formal conimunication system and the informal communication system.
"Science Citation Index"--A New Dimension in Indexing.
ing Services Recently Bennett (47) has reiterated my earlier recommendation that an index to the abstracts in specialty journals and to abstracts prepared by the smaller abstracting services be
The Periodical Literature of Ecology
Ecologists are well aware that theirs is a synthetic science. I would suspect that the literature problem in this field is among the more formidable among the sciences. In the present state of