Cités et satrapies dans l'Empire achéménide : Xanthos et Pixôdaros

  title={Cit{\'e}s et satrapies dans l'Empire ach{\'e}m{\'e}nide : Xanthos et Pix{\^o}daros},
  author={P. Briant},
  journal={Comptes Rendus Des Seances De L Academie Des Inscriptions \& Belles-lettres},
  • P. Briant
  • Published 1998
  • Art
  • Comptes Rendus Des Seances De L Academie Des Inscriptions & Belles-lettres
Can we understand how the Persians perceived ‘other’ gods / ‘the gods of others’?
Abstract The article considers the question of how the Persians may have understood and interacted with the gods of the peoples making up their empire. It begins with a clarification of PersianExpand
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