Cisplatinum enhancement of myocardial Mg2+ transport.

  title={Cisplatinum enhancement of myocardial Mg2+ transport.},
  author={Lola Murphy and Joaquim Proc{\'o}pio and Cristina P Bianchi},
  journal={Life sciences},
  volume={59 20},
Cisplatinum in a concentration (4.3 x 10(-6) M) corresponding to the therapeutic plasma concentration for cancer patients was found to cause a marked enhancement of magnesium efflux and uptake in perfused frog myocardium. The magnesium content of the perfused frog ventricle is increased from 6.66 +/- 0.34 mumol/g wet wgt to 8.03 +/- 0.38 mu mol/g wet wgt. Cisplatinum had a negative inotropic action reducing contractile force to 46 +/- 8% of initial force after 40 min of perfusion. The… CONTINUE READING

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