Cisplatin-conjugated Gelpart: initial study in vitro.

  title={Cisplatin-conjugated Gelpart: initial study in vitro.},
  author={Shinichi Ohta and Norihisa Nitta and Akinaga Sonoda and Ayumi Seko and Toyohiko Tanaka and Masashi Takahashi and Kiyoshi Murata},
  journal={Hepatology research : the official journal of the Japan Society of Hepatology},
  volume={38 10},
AIM In Japan, Gelpart (Nippon Kayaku, Tokyo, Japan) is commercially available as an embolic agent made of gelatin for hepatocellular carcinoma. The object of this study was to develop cisplatin-conjugated Gelpart, confirm its bonding capability and confirm cisplatin-release from it in vitro. METHODS Gelpart (80 mg) were immersed in 50 mL of the cisplatin solution (0.3 mg/mL) at 38 degrees C for 1 hour to allow conjugation to cisplatin. Half of them were washed with double distilled water and… CONTINUE READING