Cis-regulatory elements of the mitotic regulator, string/Cdc25.

  title={Cis-regulatory elements of the mitotic regulator, string/Cdc25.},
  author={Dara A. Lehman and Briony Patterson and Laura A Johnston and Tanja Balzer and Jessica S Britton and Robert E. Saint and Bruce A Edgar},
  volume={126 9},
Mitosis in most Drosophila cells is triggered by brief bursts of transcription of string (stg), a Cdc25-type phosphatase that activates the mitotic kinase, Cdk1 (Cdc2). To understand how string transcription is regulated, we analyzed the expression of string-lacZ reporter genes covering approximately 40 kb of the string locus. We also tested protein coding fragments of the string locus of 6 kb to 31.6 kb for their ability to complement loss of string function in embryos and imaginal discs. A… CONTINUE READING


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Cell cycling and patterned cell proliferation in the wing primordium of Drosophila.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America • 1996

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