Cirugía de reparación del plexo braquial del adulto

  title={Cirug{\'i}a de reparaci{\'o}n del plexo braquial del adulto},
  author={A. Durandeau and Thierry Fabre},
  journal={EMC - T{\'e}cnicas Quir{\'u}rgicas - Ortopedia y Traumatolog{\'i}a},
  • A. DurandeauT. Fabre
  • Published 1 December 2014
  • Philosophy
  • EMC - Técnicas Quirúrgicas - Ortopedia y Traumatología
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Lesiones del plexo braquial de etiología variada, serie de casos

Knowing about this pathology is of vital importance for its early diagnosis and avoiding functional sequelae as much as possible.



Paralysies du plexus brachial par lésions supraclaviculaires chez l'adulte

La recuperation de la flexion active du coude constitue l'objectif prioritaire en cas de reparation nerveuse pour lesion severe supraclaviculaire du Plexus Brachial chez l'adulte. Toutefois, de

TRAUMATIC BRACHIAL PLEXUS INJURIES. MONOGRAPH 22. LA SOCIÉTÉ FRANCÇAISE DE CHIRURGIE DE LA MAIN. Edited by J.-Y. Alnot and A. Narakas. Paris, Expansion Scientifique Française, 1996. $130.00, 279 pp.

This monograph of the French Society of Surgery of the Hand is a new edition and serves as a companion to the previous edition. It is appropriate that the book was sponsored by the French hand

Assessment of the usefulness of X-ray myelography and magnetic resonance myelography, performed with an open low-field device, in diagnosing perinatal preganglionic injuries of the brachial plexus

The usefulness of pre-operative diagnostic imaging is limited due to the risk of occurrence of false positive and false negative results, and final decisions concerning selection of the surgical technique must be based on the analysis of the intraoperative view and preoperative clinical symptoms.