Circumstellar acetylene in the infrared spectrum of IRC +10° 216

  title={Circumstellar acetylene in the infrared spectrum of IRC +10° 216},
  author={S. Ridgway and D. Hall and S. Kleinmann and D. Weinberger and R. Wojslaw},
A THICK, expanding envelope of dust and gas surrounds the unusual object IRC +10° 216. Microwave studies have identified numerous molecular constituents of the envelope1, and the thermal infrared spectrum indicates the probable presence of both silicon carbide and graphite in the form of dust grains (ref. 2, and M. P. Campbell, et al., unpublished). We report here the detection of acetylene, C2H2, in the infrared spectrum. Although acetylene is expected to be an important constituent of some… Expand
Astronomical Vibrational Spectroscopy
Rotation-vibration spectra of linear acetylene for characterising astrophysical atmospheres
Mechanism for the Coupled Photochemistry of Ammonia and Acetylene: Implications for Giant Planets, Comets and Interstellar Organic Synthesis
  • T. C. Keane
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres
  • 2017