Circumstances and consequences of falls in community-dwelling older women.

  title={Circumstances and consequences of falls in community-dwelling older women.},
  author={Nancy M Nachreiner and Mary J Findorff and Jean F Wyman and Teresa C McCarthy},
  journal={Journal of women's health},
  volume={16 10},
AIMS To describe the circumstances and consequences of falls reported by community-dwelling older women. METHODS This prospective study collected data for approximately 2 years for women aged>or=70 years at risk for falling who were enrolled in the Fall Evaluation and Prevention Program. RESULTS Participants (263) completed a median of 24 months of follow-up. A total of 143 participants reported 341 falls; 70 reported 1 fall, and 73 reported 2 or more. A majority of falls (62%) occurred in… CONTINUE READING

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