Circum-menopausal effects on women's judgements of facial attractiveness.

  title={Circum-menopausal effects on women's judgements of facial attractiveness.},
  author={Jovana Vukovic and Benedict C Jones and Lisa M DeBruine and Anthony C. Little and David Feinberg and Lisa L. M. Welling},
  journal={Biology letters},
  volume={5 1},
The marked change in a woman's hormonal profile that happens at menopause affects many aspects of behaviour. We investigated circum-menopausal women's preferences for femininity in the faces of young adult men and women. Post-menopausal women demonstrated stronger preferences for femininity in same-sex faces than pre-menopausal women did. This effect was independent of possible effects of participant's age and suggests that dislike of feminine (i.e. attractive) same-sex competitors decreases as… CONTINUE READING