Circulatory regulation during exercise in different ambient temperatures.

  title={Circulatory regulation during exercise in different ambient temperatures.},
  author={E. Nadel and Enzo Cafarelli and Margaret F. Roberts and Charles B. Wenger},
  journal={Journal of applied physiology: respiratory, environmental and exercise physiology},
  volume={46 3},
Three relatively fit subjects performed duplicate 20- to 25-min cycle ergometer exercise bouts at moderate and heavy intensities (40% and 70% Vo2 max) in ambient temperatures of 20, 26, and 36 degrees C. They approached a steady state in internal body temperature (Tes) in all but the heavy exercise in the heat, where Tes rose consistently, averaging 38.84 degrees C at the termination of exercise. Cardiac output (Q), estimated by a rebreathing technique, was proportional to Vo2 and independent… CONTINUE READING


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