Circulation of cholesterol between lysosomes and the plasma membrane.

  title={Circulation of cholesterol between lysosomes and the plasma membrane.},
  author={Yvonne Lange and Jin Ye and T. Steck},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={273 30},
The cholesterol in the lysosomes of cultured human fibroblasts was determined to constitute approximately 6% of the cell total. This pool was enlarged by as much as 10-fold in Niemann-Pick type C cells. Certain amphiphiles (e.g. U18666A, progesterone, and imipramine) caused lysosomal cholesterol to increase to similarly high levels at a rate of approximately 0.8% of cell cholesterol/h. Lysosomal cholesterol accumulated even in the absence of exogenous lipoproteins. Furthermore, nearly all of… CONTINUE READING

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