Circulating microRNAs as a Fingerprint for Liver Cirrhosis

  title={Circulating microRNAs as a Fingerprint for Liver Cirrhosis},
  author={Yan-jie Chen and Ji-min Zhu and Hao Wu and Jia Fan and Jian Zhou and Jie Hu and Qian Yu and Tao-tao Liu and Lei Yang and Chun-Lei Wu and Xiao-ling Guo and Xiao-wu Huang and Xi-Zhong Shen},
  booktitle={PloS one},
BACKGROUND Sensitive and specific detection of liver cirrhosis is an urgent need for optimal individualized management of disease activity. Substantial studies have identified circulation miRNAs as biomarkers for diverse diseases including chronic liver diseases. In this study, we investigated the plasma miRNA signature to serve as a potential diagnostic biomarker for silent liver cirrhosis. METHODS A genome-wide miRNA microarray was first performed in 80 plasma specimens. Six candidate… CONTINUE READING