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Circularly polarized radio emission from the repeating fast radio burst source FRB 20201124A

  title={Circularly polarized radio emission from the repeating fast radio burst source FRB 20201124A},
  author={Pravir Kumar and Ryan M. Shannon and M. E. Lower and Shivani Bhandari and Adam T. Deller and Chris Flynn and Evan F. Keane},
The mechanism that produces fast radio burst (FRB) emission is poorly understood. Targeted monitoring of repeating FRB sources provides the opportunity to fully characterise the emission properties in a manner impossible with one-off bursts. Here we report observations of the source of FRB 20201124A, with the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) and the Ultra-wideband Low (UWL) receiver at the Parkes 64-m radio telescope (Murriyang). The source entered a period of emitting… Expand


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