Circular RNA: a novel biomarker for progressive laryngeal cancer.

  title={Circular RNA: a novel biomarker for progressive laryngeal cancer.},
  author={Lijia Xuan and Lingmei Qu and Han Zhou and Peng Wang and Haoyang Yu and Tianyi Wu and Xin Wang and Qiuying Li and Linli Tian and Ming Liu and Yanan Sun},
  journal={American journal of translational research},
  volume={8 2},
Circular RNAs (circRNAs), a class of endogenous RNAs, are characterized by covalently closed continuous loop without 5' to 3' polarity and polyadenylated tail. Recent studies indicated that circRNAs might play an important role in cancer. However, the function of circRNA in laryngeal squamous cell cancer tissues (LSCC) is still unknown. In this study, we investigated the expression of circRNAs in 4 paired LSCC tissues and adjacent non-tumor tissues by microarray analysis. Results showed… CONTINUE READING