Circular Ports in Parallel-Plate Waveguide Analysis With Isotropic Excitations

  title={Circular Ports in Parallel-Plate Waveguide Analysis With Isotropic Excitations},
  author={Xiaomin Duan and Renato Rimolo-Donadio and H-D Brux0308ns and Christian D. Schuster},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility},
Exact and consistent modeling of circularly shaped ports in the power/ground plane analysis under the assumption of isotropic excitations is addressed in this paper. Novel expressions are first derived for accurate calculation of the parallel-plate impedance of circular ports in the cavity resonator method. These ports are usually approximated as either rectangular or linear ones, leading to inaccurate results at high frequencies. The second part of this paper develops a novel semianalytical… CONTINUE READING
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