Circular Leaf Spot of Sweet Basil Caused by Cercospora guatemalensis New to Japan

  title={Circular Leaf Spot of Sweet Basil Caused by Cercospora guatemalensis New to Japan},
  author={Junji Nishikawa and Chiharu Nakashima and Takao Kobayashi},
  journal={Journal of General Plant Pathology},
A leaf spot disease on sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) was observed in Chiba Prefecture in 1997. The lesions were amphigenous, circular to irregular, hygrophanous, dark brown. Stromata were amphigenous, composed of a few brown cells. Conidia with a thickened truncate base, filiform to cylindrical, hyaline, were produced from conidiophores with thickened conidial scars. These morphological characteristics agreed with those of Cercospora guatemalensis Mueller et Chupp. This species was new to… CONTINUE READING

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