Circulant weighing designs

  title={Circulant weighing designs},
  author={K. T. Arasu and Jennifer Seberry},
  journal={Journal of Combinatorial Designs},
Algebraic techniques are employed to obtain necessary conditions for the existence of certain families of circulant weighing designs. As an application we rule out the existence of many circulant weighing designs. In particular, we show that there does not exist a circulant weighing matrix of order 43 for any weight. We also prove two conjectures of Yosef Strassler. © 1996 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Disciplines Physical Sciences and Mathematics Publication Details Arasu K T and Seberry J… Expand
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We obtain a few structural theorems for circulant weighing matrices whose weight is the square of a prime number. Our results provide new schemes to search for these objects. We also establish theExpand
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In this paper we completely classify the circulant weighing matrices of weight 16 and odd order. It turns out that the order must be an odd multiple of either 21 or 31. Up to equivalence, there areExpand
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Recently K. T. Arasu (personal communication) and Yoseph Strassler, in his PhD thesis, The Classification of Circulant Weighing Matrices of Weight 9, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, 1997, haveExpand
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A reduction theorem for circulant weighing matrices
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  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Australas. J Comb.
  • 1998
The results establish the nonexistence of WC(n, k) for the pairs (n,k) = (125,25), (44,36), (64, 36), (66,36) and (80,36). Expand


New circulant weighing matrices of prime order in CW(31,16), CW(71,25), CW(127,64)
Abstract Adapting the P. Eades conjecture about the existence of a multiplier for every (v,k,μ)-design to the more specific circulant weighing matrices in CW(p,s2) for a prime number p, we are ableExpand
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It is shown that if q is a prime power then there exists a circulant weighing matrix of order q 2 + q + 1 with q 2 nonzero elements per row and column. This result allows the bound N to be lowered inExpand
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Those Singer difference sets D(d, q) which admit a “Waterloo decomposition” D = A ∪ B such that (A − B) · (A + B)(−1) = k in Z G are characterized. Expand
Circulant weighing matrices
CHAPTER I HISTORY AND APPLICATIONS ........................... 1 CHAPTER II BASIC PROPERTIES ................................... 8 A Geometric Visualisation .......................... 14 EquivalenceExpand
Orthogonal Designs: Quadratic Forms and Hadamard Matrices
Multiplier theorem for a difference list
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