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Circulant decomposition of a matrix and the eigenvalues of Toeplitz type matrices

  title={Circulant decomposition of a matrix and the eigenvalues of Toeplitz type matrices},
  author={M. P. Hariprasad and Murugesan Venkatapathi},
. We begin by showing that any n ˆ n matrix can be decomposed into a sum of n circulant matrices with periodic relaxations on the unit circle. This decomposition is orthogonal with respect to a Frobenius inner product, allowing recursive iterations for these circulant components. It is also shown that the dominance of a few circulant components in the matrix allows sparse similarity transformations using Fast-Fourier-transform (FFT) operations. This enables the evaluation of all eigenvalues of… 



A note on the eigenvalues, singular values, and eigenvectors of Toeplitz and Hankel matrices

In a series of recent papers the spectral behavior of the matrix sequence {YnTn(f)} is studied in the sense of the spectral distribution, where Yn is the main antidiagonal (or flip matrix) and Tn(f)

Fast Toeplitz eigenvalue computations, joining interpolation-extrapolation matrix-less algorithms and simple-loop theory

A change of variable is focused on, followed by the asymptotic expansion of the new variable, and the matrix-less algorithm is adapted to the considered new setting, showing a higher precision and the same linear computation cost, when compared with the Matrix-less procedures already presented in the relevant literature.

The asymptotic spectrum of flipped multilevel Toeplitz matrices and of certain preconditionings

The asymptotic spectrum is determined by a $2\times 2$ matrix-valued function whose eigenvalues are $\pm |f|$ and the eigenvalue distribution is characterized with an analysis that covers both multilevel Toeplitz and circulant preconditioners.

Numerical Methods for Large Eigenvalue Problems: Revised Edition

This well-respected text gives an introduction to the theory and application of modern numerical approximation techniques for students taking a oneor two-semester course in numerical analysis. With

An Optimal Circulant Preconditioner for Toeplitz Systems

The new preconditioner is easy to compute and in preliminary numerical experiments performs better than Strang's preconditionser in terms of reducing the condition number of $C^{ - 1} A$ and comparably in Terms of clustering the spectrum around unity.

On the eigenvalue problem for Toeplitz band matrices

Some Results on Complex Toeplitz Eigenvalues

We consider the asymptotics of the eigenvalues of Toeplitz matrices generated by a complex valued symbol f which is essentially bounded. We prove that if the essential range of f has empty interior

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Introduction to Large Truncated Toeplitz Matrices

1 Infinite Matrices.- 1.1 Boundedness and Invertibility.- 1.2 Laurent Matrices.- 1.3 Toeplitz Matrices.- 1.4 Hankel Matrices.- 1.5 Wiener-Hopf Factorization.- 1.6 Continuous Symbols.- 1.7 Locally

Spectral approximation for Segal-Bargmann space Toeplitz operators