Circle of time: errors in the use of the pregnancy wheel

  title={Circle of time: errors in the use of the pregnancy wheel},
  author={Michael G Ross},
  journal={The Journal of Maternal-Fetal \& Neonatal Medicine},
  pages={370 - 372}
  • M. Ross
  • Published 2003
  • Medicine
  • The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine
Objective: Despite the accuracy of pregnancy dating by ultrasound, obstetricians commonly use the pregnancy wheel for the assessment of gestational age at each visit. However, there has been limited assessment of the accuracy of the wheel, or variation among wheels. This study sought to determine the accuracy of pregnancy wheels in predicting term gestation, when entering first-trimester ultrasound-determined dating. Methods: A selection of four pregnancy wheels of varying types were utilized… Expand
Accuracy of delivery due date calculation using pregnancy wheels in tambon health promoting hospitals
There were several different pregnancy wheels used in tambon health promoting hospitals  but accurate in only half, and the results were compared with the current standard Naegele's rule. Expand
Reliability of last menstrual period recall, an early ultrasound and a Smartphone App in predicting date of delivery and classification of preterm and post-term births
EUS and Smartphone App were the most accurate to estimate the EDD in pregnant women and LMP-based dating resulted in misclassification of a significantly greater number of preterm and post-term deliveries compared to EUS and the Smartphones App. Expand
Issues in pregnancy dating: revisiting the evidence.
The accuracy of both menstrual and ultrasound dating techniques is explored and a simple formula called the rule of eights can be used to determine a final estimated date of delivery when a discrepancy between menstrual and abortion dating occurs. Expand
A longitudinal observational study investigating diameter and intimamedia thickness of the aorta and carotid artery, and analyzing cardiac function during the first six months after preterm birth found significant alterations of the development of the vascular and cardiac systems. Expand
Long-term Consequences of Preterm Birth: Swedish National Cohort Studies
The objective was to investigate the impact of preterm birth on social adjustment, mental health and asthma, and to find out whether children growing up in socially disadvantaged households, as expressed by low socioeconomic status, were more vulnerable to the effect of pre term birth on psychiatric morbidity. Expand
The use and accuracy of manual and electronic gestational age calculators
A procedure for validating device accuracy is devised for gestational age (GA) wheels use and the inter‐observer and inter‐device variability of a range of devices is determined. Expand
PRETERM BIRTH-etiological aspects and short and long term outcomes
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Use of time to event analysis to estimate the normal duration of human pregnancy.
This study provides a basis for predicting the probability of labour at a given gestational age at term and confirmed the independent effect of nulliparity on duration of pregnancy. Expand
Predicting Delivery Date by Ultrasound and Last Menstrual Period in Early Gestation
Ultrasound was more accurate than LMP in dating, and when it was used the number of postterm pregnancies decreased and combining more than one ultrasonic measurements did not improve dating accuracy. Expand
A comparison between ultrasound and a reliable last menstrual period as predictors of the day of delivery in 15 000 examinations
  • K. Tunón, S. Eik-Nes, P. Grøttum
  • Medicine
  • Ultrasound in obstetrics & gynecology : the official journal of the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • 1996
It is concluded that ultrasonic measurement of the biparietal diameter between 15 and 22 weeks of pregnancy is the best method for the estimation of the day of delivery and should be used as a routine procedure. Expand
Duration Of Human Singleton Pregnancy: A Population‐based Study
There was a seasonal rhythmicity in average duration of pregnancy, with consistent shortening in the month of December, and when LMP was unreliable, the distribution of gestational lengths was wide. Expand
A Comparison of the Ability of a Sonographically Measured Biparietal Diameter and the Last Menstrual Period to Predict the Spontaneous Onset of Labor
It is concluded that the BPD is a better predictor of the spontaneous onset of labor than is the LMP. Expand
Time to reinvent the wheel
The time has come to realise the important limitations of both Naugles Rule and the ubiquitous wheel and suggest the development of a preprogrammed credit card calculator that could give an accurate and reliable expected date of delivery (280 days), as well as calculate the true gestational age at any given day in the antenatal period. Expand
Evaluation of ultrasound‐estimated date of delivery in 17 450 spontaneous singleton births: do we need to modify Naegele's rule?
To compare the size of error in the predicted date of delivery by biparietal diameter (BPD) and last menstrual period (LMP) in different clinical models, a comparison of six clinical models is conducted. Expand
Clinical interpretation of ultrasound biometry for dating and for assessment of fetal growth using a wheel and chart: is it sufficiently accurate?
  • D. Hutchon, C. Kearney
  • Medicine
  • Ultrasound in obstetrics & gynecology : the official journal of the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • 1999
To investigate how accurately practicing obstetricians (experts) can apply dating rules and compare the interpretation of gestation‐sensitive ultrasound data with those of a computer system.