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Circle actions on six dimensional oriented manifolds with isolated fixed points

  title={Circle actions on six dimensional oriented manifolds with isolated fixed points},
  author={Donghoon Jang},
  • D. Jang
  • Published 17 August 2021
  • Mathematics
Circle actions and torus actions on compact oriented 4manifolds were studied and classified in 1970’s but completely classifying those actions on 6-manifolds is challenging and known results on 6manifolds require strong assumptions on actions and/or manifolds. In this paper, we study circle actions on compact oriented 6-manifolds with finite fixed point sets. We show that for any such manifold, we can successively take equivariant connected sums at fixed points with S, CP, and 6-dimensional… 
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To a torus action on a compact oriented manifold M with isolated fixed points, we associate a signed labeled multigraph encoding the fixed point data (weights and signs at fixed points and isotropy



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  • D. Jang
  • Mathematics
    Mathematische Zeitschrift
  • 2019
Let the circle act on a compact almost complex manifold M . In this paper, we classify the fixed point data of the action if there are 4 fixed points and the dimension of the manifold is at most 6.

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