Circadian rhythms have no effect on cycling performance.

  title={Circadian rhythms have no effect on cycling performance.},
  author={Brad S Dalton and Lars McNaughton and Bill Davoren},
  journal={International journal of sports medicine},
  volume={18 7},
The aim of this research was to determine if circadian rhythms have an effect on time trial cycling performance of 15 min duration. Seven males (Mean+/-SD): age, 22.3+/-4.9 yr; height 179.0+/-7.9 cm, body mass 74.5+/-15.5 kg; VO2max 68.0+/-5.7 ml x kg(-1) x min(-1) who were all competitive cyclists or triathletes with previous experience in laboratory testing procedures volunteered to participate in this study. Each of the seven subjects underwent a series of four tests; one VO2 max test, and… CONTINUE READING

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