Circadian periodicity in salivary carbonic anhydrase VI concentration.


Carbonic anhydrase VI (CA VI) is secreted into the saliva by the serous acinar cells of the parotid and submandibular glands. Saliva samples from six healthy male volunteers were analysed for concentrations of CA VI throughout the 24 h period by means of a specific time-resolved immunofluorometric assay and the levels were compared with amylase activity. The sleeping period was from 00.10 h to 07.30 h and the subjects had breakfast at 07.30 h and regular meals at 13.30 h and 19.30 h. Saliva secretion decreased markedly during the sleeping period in all the subjects except one. The levels of both CA VI and amylase activity varied greatly among the subjects, but in a parallel manner, and declined to a very low level during the sleeping period. Dexamethasone intake at midnight had no effect on the morning rise in either enzyme. When the sleeping period was postponed from 06.10 h to 11.30 h both enzyme concentrations declined during the night and continued to be low until the subjects awoke at 11.30 h, whereas salivary secretion was low only during the sleeping period. Our results suggest that CA VI secretion follows a circadian periodicity that is comparable to amylase secretion but independent of salivary secretion.


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