Circadian blood pressure and heart rate rhythms in mice.

  title={Circadian blood pressure and heart rate rhythms in mice.},
  author={Ping Li and Steven H Sur and Ralph E Mistlberger and Mariana Morris},
  journal={American journal of physiology. Regulatory, integrative and comparative physiology},
  volume={276 2},
The circadian pattern of mean arterial pressure (MAP) and heart rate (HR) was measured in C57BL mice with carotid arterial catheters. Cardiovascular parameters were recorded continuously with a computerized monitoring system at a sampling rate of 100 Hz. The tethered animals were healthy, showing stabilized drinking and eating patterns within 2 days of surgery and little loss of body weight. Analysis of the 24-h pattern of MAP and HR was conducted using data from 3-6 consecutive days of… CONTINUE READING

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