Circadian MicroRNAs in Cardioprotection.


The most dramatic feature of life on Earth is our adaptation to the cycle of day and night. Throughout evolutionary time, almost all living organisms developed a molecular clock linked to the light-dark cycles of the sun. In present time, we know that this molecular clock is crucial to maintain metabolic and physiological homeostasis. Indeed, a dysregulated… (More)
DOI: 10.2174/1381612823666170707165319


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@article{Oyama2017CircadianMI, title={Circadian MicroRNAs in Cardioprotection.}, author={Yoshimasa Oyama and Colleen Marie Bartman and Jennifer J Gile and Tobias Eckle}, journal={Current pharmaceutical design}, year={2017}, volume={23 25}, pages={3723-3730} }