Cinoxacin: pharmacokinetics and the effect of probenecid.

  title={Cinoxacin: pharmacokinetics and the effect of probenecid.},
  author={Karen S. Israel and Henry R. Black and Richard L. Nelson and Marianne Brunson and John F. Nash and G L Brier and J D Wolney},
  journal={Journal of clinical pharmacology},
  volume={18 10},
Cinoxacin is a new synthetic organic antibacterial compound which has a serum half-life of approximately 1 hour. Most of the drug is eliminated in man by the kidney, primarily as unchanged drug. The renal clearance of cinoxacin is slightly greater than the usually accepted value for the average glomerular filtration rate, which suggests that it is probably filtered and is also secreted by the tubule. Results after pretreatment with probenecid further suggest secretion of the drug.