• Chemistry
  • Published 2007

Cinnamoyl-piperazine derivatives and their application as par-1 antagonists

  title={Cinnamoyl-piperazine derivatives and their application as par-1 antagonists},
  author={Мишель Перес and Мари Ламот and Гран Бруно Ле and Робер Лэтьен},
FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics. SUBSTANCE: present invention refers to compounds of general formula where R 1 represents halogen, CN or NO 2 ; R 2 represents hydrogen or halogen; n is equal to 1 or 2; R 3 represents phenyl substituted by one or more halogens or C 1 -C 6 alkyl, or cyclohexyl; as well as to their therapeutically acceptable salts or solvates. EFFECT: compounds are effective as antagonists of protease activated receptors-1 (PAR-1), especially for treating thrombosis. 19 cl, 4 tbl… CONTINUE READING


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