Cinnamaldehyde Analogues as Potential Therapeutic Agents.

  title={Cinnamaldehyde Analogues as Potential Therapeutic Agents.},
  author={Bang-Jiao Chen and Chun-Sheng Fu and Guo-Hui Li and Xiaoning Wang and Hongxiang Lou and Dongmei Ren and Tao Shen},
  journal={Mini reviews in medicinal chemistry},
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Cinnamaldehyde analogues are a class of chemical substances originated from derivatization of cinnamaldehyde, and are structurally characterized by the presence of cinnamoyl moiety. Due to the presence of highly reactive α,α-unsaturated carbonyl pharmacophore (Michael acceptor) in their structures, these molecules are apt to react with some enzymes and/or receptors as electrophiles, and consequently produce diverse therapeutically relevant pharmacological functions. Naturally occurring… CONTINUE READING