Cinema in Belarus under the pressure of censorship 1924–41

  title={Cinema in Belarus under the pressure of censorship 1924–41},
  author={Alexander Huzhalouski},
  journal={Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema},
  pages={169 - 180}
ABSTRACT This article explores a range of archival sources, periodicals and contemporary research in order to investigate the establishment and functioning of film production as well as the system of censorship in Soviet Belarus in the 1920s and 1930s. The sacred places of Soviet ideology are studied, including the Belarusian Communist Party's Central Committee, Glavlit and Glavrepertkom. Intellectual production — books and periodicals, plays and musical pieces, archives and museums — were… Expand


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Design pedagogy at tertiary institutions presents students with the task of decoding discourse in many different forms. These include written texts, some of which many students find unrelated to theExpand
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Acknowledgments These data would not be possible without the cooperation of all local, state, and federal agencies that provide source documents used to identify fatal work injuries. Among theseExpand
Cinema in Belarus under the pressure of censorship 1924-41
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All references to the National Archive of the Republic of Belarus (NARB) are as follows: fond, inventory, document, followed by sheet number. Fond 4P pertains to the Belarusian Communist Party
    He has been a visiting professor at the Institute for Culture (Moscow) and at George Washington University
    • He has written on media and political control in the Belarusian SSSR
    Ulitsa Krasnoarmejskaja 6/30, 220 030 Minsk, Republic of Belarus. E-mail: aguzhalovsky@yahoo