Cinema halls, locality and urban life

  title={Cinema halls, locality and urban life},
  author={Lakshmi Srinivas},
  pages={189 - 205}
■ Drawing on ethnographic field research in Bangalore, a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual city in South India, this article explores the relationship between cinema and the city and the significance of the urban setting for the cinema experience, for moviegoers and film business insiders. Contrary to received understandings of cinema as a universal and placeless experience, interviews with audiences, filmmakers, distributors and exhibitors reveal that locality is important for the framing and… 
Ladies queues, ‘roadside Romeos,’ and balcony seating: Ethnographic observations on women's cinema-going experiences
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Cinema in the City: Tangible Forms, Transformations and the Punctuation of Everyday Life
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Movies, Masculinity, and Modernity: An Ethnography of Men's Filmgoing in India
Introduction Approaching Modernity: Filmgoers and Filmgoing in Two Cities Mas=al=a: Filmmakers Create a Crazy Salad with Broad Appeal Liminal Escape, Sober Return to Reality: Audiences at Play with
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The Heydays of Bangalore’s Movie Halls’, Citizen Matters, Bangalore, 19 September
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on the silent film exhibition in Madras in 1928. 21 On occasion, Hollywood film posters are copied for the marquee
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