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Cinderella and Her Sisters: The Envied and the Envying

  title={Cinderella and Her Sisters: The Envied and the Envying},
  author={Ann Belford Ulanov and Barry Ulanov},
Seated in her nest of ashes, Cinderella embodies human misery. The essence of inner and outer nobility, she is the envy of her cruel stepmother and her ugly sisters. Using this familiar story, Ann and Barry Ulanov explore the psychological and theological aspects of envy and goodness. In their interpretation of the tale, they move back and forth between internal and external issues--from how feminine and masculine parts of persons fit or do not fit together to how individuals conduct their… 

Envy: the canker in the bud

Abstract This paper attempts to explore the origins and mechanisms of envy through the relationship between two fictional sisters, Ruth and Elizabeth, in the short novel Sin by Josephine Hart

Distinguishing the experiences of envy and jealousy.

The nature and significance of the distinction between the emotions of envy and jealousy is described and 2 experiments that empirically investigated it are reported, revealing qualitative differences between the 2 emotions.

The Psychodynamics of Envy Development, Defenses, Consequences and Treatment

Abstract This study provides the reader with an in-depth look at the concept of envy. Distinctions are explored with reference to what constitutes envy as opposed to a variety of other closely

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I suppose this was a book that someone was bound to write. Phyllis Chesler, long-time radical feminist and author of books such as Women and Madness and Letters to a Young Feminist, explores how

The Politics of Envy: Envy in Aristotle's Political Thought

Political theorists have identified envy to be of political concern. While it is generally agreed that certain forms of envy are socially disruptive, there is relatively little agreement as to the

Unveiling the Implicit Political Agenda: A Comparative Analysis of the Construction of Gender Roles in Grimm’s Ashputtel and Giuseppe Pitré’s The Magical Little Date Tree

In 1981, American therapist Colette Dowling proposed the term “the Cinderella Complex” to the field of psychology to investigate how millions of women have fallen into the trap of the hidden fear of

Themes in the countertransference when envy is experienced by the client in psychotherapeutic work: a thematic analysis

ion and interpretation based on my theoretical and personal knowledge as researcher. Hermeneutics adds the interpretive element to explicate meanings and assumptions in the texts that the

The Salieri Syndrome

A model of the impact of envy in groups is proposed and tested in a longitudinal study of 143 groups. Envy was directly and negatively related to group performance. Moreover, envy indirectly

Envy and Goodness in Academia

What follows is my own perspective on the situation in academia. I take solace, however, from the reinforcement I’ve received from other thinkers. For example, Bruce Wilshire, in The Moral Collapse

Red Shoes: Linking Fashion and Myth

Abstract What is it about red shoes? Conjuring multiple images and responses like black or blue shoes never could, red shoes connect literature, fashion, and dress through meanings that are uniquely