Cimetidine improves GFR-estimation by the Cockcroft and Gault formula.

  title={Cimetidine improves GFR-estimation by the Cockcroft and Gault formula.},
  author={M C Ixkes and Marion G Koopman and Bernadette A C van Acker and Julie A Weber and Lambertus Arisz},
  journal={Clinical nephrology},
  volume={47 4},
In some patients with renal disease 24-hour cimetidine aided creatinine clearances cannot equal GFR even after administration of the maximum daily dose of cimetidine. Short duration cimetidine aided creatinine clearances can equal GFR but are inconvenient for clinical use and can be inaccurate due to incomplete urine collection. We studied how accurately GFR can be estimated without the need to collect urine, by applying the Cockcroft and Gault formula (CCock) on a single plasma creatinine… CONTINUE READING

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