Cigarette trafficking in five northeastern US cities.

  title={Cigarette trafficking in five northeastern US cities.},
  author={Kevin C Davis and Victoria E. Grimshaw and David F. Merriman and Matthew C. Farrelly and Howard Chernick and Micaela H. Coady and Kelsey Campbell and Susan Kansagra},
  journal={Tobacco control},
  volume={23 e1},
BACKGROUND Cigarette taxation is effective in reducing tobacco use in the USA. However, these benefits are reduced when taxes are unpaid. Cigarette trafficking (ie, the illegal importation of cigarettes into a high-tax jurisdiction from a lower-tax jurisdiction) is well documented in high-tax places like New York City (NYC), but the extent of trafficking in other northeastern cities is relatively unknown. OBJECTIVE To estimate the extent of cigarette trafficking in Boston, NYC, Philadelphia… CONTINUE READING

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