Cigarette smoking, metabolic activation and carcinogenesis.

  title={Cigarette smoking, metabolic activation and carcinogenesis.},
  author={Akiyoshi Nishikawa and Yukio Mori and I Lee and Takuji Tanaka and Masao Hirose},
  journal={Current drug metabolism},
  volume={5 5},
Epidemiologically, it has been suggested that cigarette smoking is closely associated with an increased risk of cancers in various organs such as the lung, oropharynx, stomach, pancreas, liver and colon. Nevertheless, influences of cigarette smoking on experimental tumorigenesis in organs other than the respiratory tract remain to be elucidated. In our experimental studies, it has been shown that cigarette smoke exposure induces hepatic CYP enzymes, especially CYP1A2, in both rats and hamsters… CONTINUE READING
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