Cigarette and Nicotine Chewing Gum Toxicity in Children

  title={Cigarette and Nicotine Chewing Gum Toxicity in Children},
  author={Susan C. Smolinske and David G. Spoerke and S.K. Spiller and Kathleen M. Wruk and Kenneth W. Kulig and B.H. Rumackt},
  journal={Human \& Experimental Toxicology},
  pages={27 - 31}
A prospective review of 51 cases of tobacco ingestion and 5 cases of nicotine resin chewing gum exposure was conducted to evaluate the incidence and degree of toxicity caused by these products in children. A dose-response relationship was observed for cigarette exposures. Nine of 10 children ingesting more than one cigarette or three cigarette butts developed signs or symptoms, while 12 of 24 ingesting lesser amounts became symptomatic (P < 0.01). Severe symptoms (e.g. limb jerking and… 

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