Cidofovir inhibits growth of B16 melanoma cells in vivo.

  title={Cidofovir inhibits growth of B16 melanoma cells in vivo.},
  author={Pedro J. Maga{\~n}a Redondo and Michel Idoate and Juan Carlos Galofr{\'e} and Teresa Solano},
  journal={The British journal of dermatology},
  volume={143 4},
BACKGROUND Cidofovir [(S)-1-(3-hydroxy-2-phosphonyl-methoxypropyl) cytosine] is a commercially available nucleotide analogue that has antiviral activity against a broad range of DNA viruses and is effective against human cytomegalovirus infection. OBJECTIVES We aimed to study the effect of cidofovir on growth of the highly aggressive melanoma tumour arising from mouse melanoma B16 cells grafted subcutaneously in C57B16/J mice. METHODS Mice were treated daily with systemic cidofovir at… CONTINUE READING