Cicero and Archimedes' Tomb*

  title={Cicero and Archimedes' Tomb*},
  author={M. Jaeger},
  journal={Journal of Roman Studies},
  pages={49 - 61}
  • M. Jaeger
  • Published 2002
  • Art
  • Journal of Roman Studies
In the Pro Archia Cicero writes that Alexander, looking upon the tomb of Achilles, cried out, ‘O happy youth, who found a Homer to sing your praises!’; words truly spoken, adds Cicero, since without Homer Achilles' tomb would have buried the great man's fame along with his body. And in the Tusculan Disputations he writes that the Athenian Themistocles, when asked why he spent his nights wandering about the city, replied that the trophies of Miltiades kept him awake. Juxtaposing one great man… Expand
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  • 1989
Not only here, but also when he talks about the Greek esteem for mathematics in TD 1.5, and De Rep
    On Caesar as tyrant, see Wood
      concerning the person responsible for performing the rites for the dead: 'heredum causa iustissima est; nulla est enim persona, quae ad vicem eius, qui e vita emigraret