Cicero's demarcation of science: A report of shared criteria.

  title={Cicero's demarcation of science: A report of shared criteria.},
  author={Damian Fernandez-Beanato},
  journal={Studies in history and philosophy of science},
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Feng Shui and the Demarcation Project
The vast majority of well-informed philosophers of science and scientists who are clearly (uncontroversially) scientists are able to extensionally differentiate between almost all scientific and


Demarcating Science from Non-Science
Loki's wager and Laudan's error: on genuine and territorial demarcation
Is the demarcation problem dead, or are the rumors of its demise greatly exaggerated? ! e answer depends on whom you ask. Some philosophers of science have voiced the opinion that the demarcation
The Multicriterial Approach to the Problem of Demarcation
The problem of demarcating science from nonscience remains unsolved. This article executes an analytical process of elimination of different demarcation proposals put forward since the
The demarcation problem: a (belated) response to Laudan
Th e “demarcation problem,” the issue of how to separate science from pseudoscience, has been around since fall 1919—at least according to Karl Popper’s (1957) recollection of when he fi rst started
What is pseudoscience?
The article presents the author's thoughts on the definition of pseudoscience; it is pointed out that many sciences are nonfalsifiable like theories around consciousness or extraterrestrials.
Why Astrology is a Pseudoscience
  • P. Thagard
  • Mathematics
    PSA: Proceedings of the Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association
  • 1978
Using astrology as a case study, this paper attempts to establish a criterion for demarcating science from pseudoscience. Numerous reasons for considering astrology to be a pseudoscience are
Abusing Science: The Case Against Creationism
Abusing Science is a manual for intellectual self-defense, the most complete available for presenting the case against Creationist pseudo-science, and refutes the popular complaint that the scientific establishment is dogmatic and intolerant.
Cicero for and against Divination
This paper is a study of the way Cicero wrote philosophy. Or rather a way: as one would expect of an author of his ambition and versatility, Cicero produced different sorts of philosophical writing
Cicero and Divination: the Formation of a Latin Discourse
  • M. Beard
  • History
    Journal of Roman Studies
  • 1986
This article is intended to be read in association with that of Schofield which follows. They share a common outlook—for we both believe that an understanding of the literary form of De Divinatione
Is astrology relevant to consciousness and psi
Many astrologers attribute a successful birth-chart reading to what they call intuition or psychic ability, where the birth chart acts like a crystal ball. As in shamanism, they relate consciousness