Ciborgue, Comunicação e Sistemas Complexos: uma alternativa à tese da desmaterialização

  title={Ciborgue, Comunicaç{\~a}o e Sistemas Complexos: uma alternativa {\`a} tese da desmaterializaç{\~a}o},
  author={F{\'a}tima R{\'e}gis},
  booktitle={EC 2008},
The cyborg/posthuman topic has had a continuous presence in the cyberculture discussions. The discussion's summit generally debouches in the Imaginary of body and mind's disembodiment and the transcendence wish. We conjecture that the emphasis in the disembodiment branches from Imaginary's speculation about the computational theory of mind. According to this theory, there is not a substantial difference between physical existence and computational simulation. Aiming to remonstrate the… CONTINUE READING

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