Chymopapain, chemonucleolysis, and nucleus pulposus regeneration.

  title={Chymopapain, chemonucleolysis, and nucleus pulposus regeneration.},
  author={David S. Bradford and Kendra M. L. Cooper and Theodore R. Oegema},
  journal={The Journal of bone and joint surgery. American volume},
  volume={65 9},
UNLABELLED In the adult mongrel dog, in vivo injection of chymopapain into the intervertebral disc resulted in disc-space narrowing at two weeks, with a complete loss of proteoglycan (as indicated by safranin-O staining) from the nucleus pulposus, the cartilaginous end-plates, and the annulus fibrosus. As demonstrated by [35S]sulphate-labeling and proteoglycan isolation, the nucleus pulposus retained the ability to synthesize proteoglycans, but these were degraded by endogenous proteolytic… CONTINUE READING


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