Chylothorax after oesophagectomy.

  title={Chylothorax after oesophagectomy.},
  author={Ciaran Bolger and Thomas Noel Walsh and Windy Tanner and Parnell Keeling and Tpj Hennessy},
  journal={The British journal of surgery},
  volume={78 5},
Chylothorax is an uncommon complication of oesophagectomy. In a review of 537 oesophageal resections there were 11 cases of chylothorax, an incidence of 2.0 per cent. There was no correlation with site, size, penetration, lymph node status, length or type of tumour but there was a significant correlation between chylothorax and the type of operative procedure carried out. The incidence in 95 transhiatal resections was 10.5 per cent. The incidence following 442 transthoracic procedures was 0.2… CONTINUE READING