Church's Thesis and Functional Programming

  title={Church's Thesis and Functional Programming},
  author={David Turner},
ion λx.A In the last case λx. is a binder and free occurrences of x in A become bound . A term in which all variables are bound is said to be closed otherwise it is open. The motivating idea is that closed term represent functions. The intended meaning of AB is the application of function A to argument B while λx.A is the function which for input x returns A. Terms which are the same except for renaming of bound variables are not distinguished, thus λx.x and λy.y are the same, identity function… 

Turing-Church thesis, constructve mathematics and intuitionist logic

At a first glance the Theory of computation relies on potential infinity and an organization aimed at solving a problem. Under such aspect it is like Mendeleev’s theory of chemistry. Also its



A Theory of Type Polymorphism in Programming

  • R. Milner
  • Computer Science
    J. Comput. Syst. Sci.
  • 1978

Lambda Lifting: Treansforming Programs to Recursive Equations

Different ways of doing lambda lifting are presented, as well as reasons for rejecting or selecting the method used in the Lazy ML compiler.

LCF Considered as a Programming Language

Computational foundations of basic recursive function theory

Total Functional Programming

  • D. Turner
  • Computer Science
    J. Univers. Comput. Sci.
  • 2004
This work considers a simple discipline of total functional programming designed to exclude the possibility of non-termination, which requires a type distinction between data and codata, which is potentially infinite.

Domain theory

bases were introduced in [Smy77] where they are called “R-structures”. Examples of abstract bases are concrete bases of continuous domains, of course, where the relation≺ is the restriction of the

Toward a mathematical semantics for computer languages

The purpose of a mathematical semantics is to give a correct and meaningful correspondence between programs and mathematical entities in a way that is entirely independent of an implementation.

The next 700 programming languages

A family of unimplemented computing languages is described that is intended to span differences of application area by a unified framework. This framework dictates the rules about the uses of

Did Church and Turing Have a Thesis about Machines

The historical question is concerned with the Church-Turing thesis, as it emerged in 1936 when Church endorsed Turing’s characterization of the concept of effective calculability, and the continuing and serious scientific question that lends potency to the history.