Chronotype and sleep duration: the influence of season of assessment.

  title={Chronotype and sleep duration: the influence of season of assessment.},
  author={Karla Viviani Allebrandt and Maris Teder-Laving and Thomas Kantermann and Annette Peters and Harry Campbell and Igor Rudan and James F Wilson and Andres Metspalu and Till Roenneberg},
  journal={Chronobiology international},
  volume={31 5},
Little is known about human entrainment under natural conditions, partly due to the complexity of human behavior, torn between biological and social time and influenced by zeitgebers (light-dark cycles) that are progressively "polluted" (and thereby weakened) by artificial light. In addition, data about seasonal variations in sleep parameters are scarce. We, therefore, investigated seasonal variation in cross-sectional assessments of sleep/wake times of 9765 subjects from four European… CONTINUE READING

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