Chronology and History in the Late Assyrian Empire (631—619 B.C.)

  title={Chronology and History in the Late Assyrian Empire (631—619 B.C.)},
  author={N. Na’aman},
The documentary evidence published so far forme a sound basis for the study of the chronology of the late Assyrian empire. The chronological data of the Harran inscription must be eliminated from the discussion. The dates suggested for the Assyrian kings: Aöb. 669-631; Aei. 631-627; SSi. 627-612; Ssl 626. This chronological framework enables us to present a detailed sequence of the events which led to the final withdrawal of Assyria from Babylonia in 620 B.C. Year 623 was crucial for the… Expand

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For a criticism of the assumption of an early Assyrian withdrawal from Palestine and of the concept of Josiah's great kingdom, see Na'aman
  • A History of Ancient Israel and Judah
  • 1986
Noteworthy is the recently published document including a sort of declaration of war by a Babylonian king (possibly Npl.) against an Assyrian king (possibly SSL). See P. Gerardi
  • AfO
  • 1986
Walker for kindly collating for me numerous tablets in the British Museum, I am also grateful to Dr. P. Gerardi who read this article in manuscript and made numerous useful suggestions throughout