Chronology Of Events: 2005

  title={Chronology Of Events: 2005},
  author={Stjepan Mesi{\'c}},
  journal={Mediterranean Politics},
  pages={279 - 308}
2 Croatia: President Stjepan Mesic wins the first round of presidential elections, but faces competition from vice-president Jadranda Kosor in a second round. 4 Turkey/Israel/Syria: During a landmark visit to Israel, Turkish foreign minister Abdullah Gul speaks of Syria’s readiness for peace talks. He seeks to repair Israeli–Turkish ties and end a diplomatic chill that followed the Israeli crackdown in Gaza last year. 5 Israel/Palestinian Authority: A bomb attack by Hamas injures 12 Israeli… Expand


The government extends the state of emergency for three months more to combat the wave of violence after the 18th night of riots in the suburbs
  • 2005
13 suspected Islamists go on trial in Belgium, accused of supporting the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group, held responsible for the Casablanca and Madrid bombings
    A reciprocated bombardment takes place between Hizballah and Israel in the occupied Shabaa Farms areas
      Al-Qaeda in Iraq says it has tried and condemned to death two officials of the Moroccan Embassy who had been taken hostage, the pretext being Morocco's support for the Iraqi government
        Ariel Sharon, the prime minister, reluctantly agrees with Amir Peretz, the new Labour leader
          Egypt: The Muslim Brotherhood consolidates its position as the country's second political force in the second round of parliamentary elections
            Hundreds of thousands of people from across Spain, accompanied by People's Party officials and Catholic bishops
              Major change in the Labour Party as union leader Amir Peretz topples the veteran party leader Shimon Peres in one of the biggest Israeli political upsets of recent times
                President Jacques Chirac declares a 12-day state of emergency for the first time in mainland France
                  President Moshe Katsav signs a decree dissolving the Knesset and paving the way to early elections on 28