Chronological distribution of the tigerPanthera tigrisand the Asiatic lionPanthera leo persicain their common range in Asia

  title={Chronological distribution of the tigerPanthera tigrisand the Asiatic lionPanthera leo persicain their common range in Asia},
  author={Annik Schnitzler and Luc Hermann},
  journal={Mammal Review},
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A kingdom in decline: Holocene range contraction of the lion (Panthera leo) modelled with global environmental stratification
This research highlights the need to integrate the full effects of the fluctuating vegetation and desiccation of the Sahara into palaeoclimatic models, and provides a starting point for further continental-scale analyses of shifting faunal ranges through North Africa and the Near East during the Holocene.
The effectiveness of Tiger Conservation Landscapes in decreasing deforestation in South Asia: a remote sensing-based study
The alarming loss of tiger (Panthera tigris) populations due to degrading habitat called for an international commitment to double the wild tiger population by 2022 (“Tx2” goal). In the present
Megabeasts under the microscope: a closer look at Quaternary extinctions in the Asia-Pacific
Abstract Since the 1980's, micro-analysis techniques applied to worldwide extinctions of Quaternary megafauna have resulted in revolutionary insights. However, in the Asia-Pacific, the infrastructure


  • 2017
  • 2017
Dispersion of the Asiatic Lion Panthera leo persica and its Survival in Human-Dominated Landscape Outside the Gir Forest, Gujarat, India
The prey population, predation behaviour of the lion and acceptance of the lions as honourable animal by the villagers indicate that the present trend may continue in the near future as well.
Tiger re-establishment potential to former Caspian tiger (Panthera tigris virgata) range in Central Asia
Abstract Caspian tigers ( Panthera tigris virgata ), a now extinct subspecies genetically similar to the Amur tiger ( P . t . altaica ), occurred until the mid-1900s from modern day Turkey and Iran
Predicted Pleistocene–Holocene range shifts of the tiger (Panthera tigris)
Aim In this article, we modelled the potential range shifts of tiger (Panthera tigris) populations over the Late Pleistocene and Holocene, to provide new insights into the evolutionary history and
The lair of the lion in Iran
  • CAT News Special Issue
  • 2016
The petroglyphs of the Kajou Valley, Makran, Iran: Tang Sar, Dehirak and Deskigan assemblages
Cet article presente trois assemblages de petroglyphes decouverts lors des prospections archeologiques recentes au Makran : Tang Sar, Dehirak et Deskigan.
  • 2015
  • 2015