Chronological distribution of the tigerPanthera tigrisand the Asiatic lionPanthera leo persicain their common range in Asia

  title={Chronological distribution of the tigerPanthera tigrisand the Asiatic lionPanthera leo persicain their common range in Asia},
  author={Annik Schnitzler and Luc Hermann},
  journal={Mammal Review},
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The effectiveness of Tiger Conservation Landscapes in decreasing deforestation in South Asia: a remote sensing-based study

The alarming loss of tiger ( Panthera tigris ) populations due to degrading habitat called for an international commitment to double the wild tiger population by 2022 (“Tx2” goal). In the present

A kingdom in decline: Holocene range contraction of the lion (Panthera leo) modelled with global environmental stratification

This research highlights the need to integrate the full effects of the fluctuating vegetation and desiccation of the Sahara into palaeoclimatic models, and provides a starting point for further continental-scale analyses of shifting faunal ranges through North Africa and the Near East during the Holocene.



Réduction de la variété spécifique des vertébrés au cours de l’Holocène en Arménie

L’Holocene est une phase de changement important dans l’evolution de la faune sauvage en Armenie. Au debut de l’Holocene, la distribution geographique de la plupart des ongules etait semblable a

Animal exploitation in the Upper Tigris River valley (Turkey) between the 3rd and the 1st millennia BC

The prehistory and ancient history of the Upper Tigris River valley (in southern Turkey) was poorly known until recently, due to a lack of archaeological researches. Since the last decade, numerous

Small but Varied: The Role of Rural Settlements in the Diversification of Subsistence Practices as Evidenced in the Upper Tigris River Area (Southeastern Turkey) during the Second and First Millennia BCE

In Anatolia (and the Near East in general) archaeological excavations occur more often in large urban centers than rural settlements. Consequently, our understanding of past subsistence practices is

The petroglyphs of the Kajou Valley, Makran, Iran: Tang Sar, Dehirak and Deskigan assemblages

Cet article presente trois assemblages de petroglyphes decouverts lors des prospections archeologiques recentes au Makran : Tang Sar, Dehirak et Deskigan.