Chronobiology of the endocrine system.

  title={Chronobiology of the endocrine system.},
  author={Gh. Nicolau and Erhard Haus},
  volume={27 3},
One-hundred and ninety-four children (11 +/- 1.5 years of age), 43 young adult subjects (21 +/- 2 years of age) and 149 elderly subjects studied in 278-24 hour profiles (77 +/- 8 years of age) were studied over one or several 24-hour spans. All subjects followed a diurnal activity pattern with rest during the night. Blood and urine were collected at 4-hour intervals over a 24-hour span (6 samples). The circadian rhythms of 22 endocrine parameters were explored in plasma and five in urine. In… CONTINUE READING
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