Chronobiological features of the immune system. Effect of calorie restriction

  title={Chronobiological features of the immune system. Effect of calorie restriction},
  author={Fernando Chac{\'o}n and Pilar Cano and S L{\'o}pez-Varela and V. I. Jim{\'e}nez and A Ascensi{\'o}n Marcos and Ana Isabel Esquifino},
  journal={European Journal of Clinical Nutrition},
The circadian organization of living organisms is fully established being a key component the activity of the neuro-endocrin-immune system that maintains the homeostasis. Secondary lymph organs, such as submaxillary lymph nodes and spleen, have been shown to exhibit a 24 h variation in blastogenic proliferative capacity and distribution of B and T subsets, with specific achrophases depending on the parameter studied or the lymphoid organ considered. However, less is known about the thymus. The… CONTINUE READING