Chronic respiratory effects of indoor formaldehyde exposure.

  title={Chronic respiratory effects of indoor formaldehyde exposure.},
  author={Michal Krzyzanowski and James J. Quackenboss and Michael D. Lebowitz},
  journal={Environmental research},
  volume={52 2},
The relation of chronic respiratory symptoms and pulmonary function to formaldehyde (HCHO) in homes was studied in a sample of 298 children (6-15 years of age) and 613 adults. HCHO measurements were made with passive samplers during two 1-week periods. Data on chronic cough and phlegm, wheeze, attacks of breathlessness, and doctor diagnoses of chronic bronchitis and asthma were collected with self-completed questionnaires. Peak expiratory flow rates (PEFR) were obtained during the evenings and… CONTINUE READING


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