Chronic proteasome inhibition contributes to coronary atherosclerosis.

  title={Chronic proteasome inhibition contributes to coronary atherosclerosis.},
  author={Joerg Herrmann and Ardan Muammer Saguner and Daniele Versari and Timothy E. Peterson and Alejandro R. Chade and Monica M. Olson and Lilach Orly Lerman and Amir Lerman},
  journal={Circulation research},
  volume={101 9},
The proteasome is responsible for the degradation of oxidized proteins, and proteasome inhibition has been shown to generate oxidative stress in vitro. Atherosclerosis is thought to be initiated as a consequence of increased endogenous oxidative stress. The current study was designed to assess whether chronic proteasome inhibition is associated with early coronary atherosclerosis. Female pigs, 3 months of age, were randomized to a normal (N) or high-cholesterol (HC) diet (2% cholesterol, 15… CONTINUE READING
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