Chronic pain associated with upper-limb loss.

  title={Chronic pain associated with upper-limb loss.},
  author={Marisol A Hanley and Dawn Marie Ehde and Mark P Jensen and Joseph M. Czerniecki and Douglas G. Smith and Lawrence R. Robinson},
  journal={American journal of physical medicine & rehabilitation},
  volume={88 9},
  pages={742-51; quiz 752, 779}
OBJECTIVE To describe the prevalence, intensity, and functional impact of the following types of pain associated with upper-limb loss: phantom limb, residual limb, back, neck, and nonamputated-limb pain. DESIGN Cross-sectional survey; 104 respondents with upper-limb loss at least 6 months postamputation completed measures of pain intensity, interference, disability, and health-related quality-of-life. RESULTS Nearly all (90%) of the respondents reported pain, with 76% reporting more than… CONTINUE READING
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